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An improved
RHEL 9 for Edge

Enhanced Capabilities
Through delivering comprehensive edge management as a service, RHEL 9 allows users to oversee and scale remote deployments with greater security and control functionality.

It also enables zero-touch provisioning, system-health visibility, and more responsive vulnerability mitigations via a single interface.

To reduce edge-deployment time and costs, it features FIDO Device Onboarding, while its new image builder service works with both customized file systems and all major cloud providers and virtualization technologies.

The inclusion of Podman integrated container management grants automatic container rollback, restoring any updated container that fails to start to the previous version.

New Automation
To provide an automated workflow for specific configurations, RHEL 9 comes with an expanded set of system roles including Postfix, Microsoft SQL Server, firewall, web console, and high-availability clusters.

Moreover, updating across large, distributed system deployments is achieved without accessing command-line tooling, through utilizing Kernel live patching.

This substantially simplifies addressing issues across the whole system, from the core data center to the edge.

Security Features
As well as protecting against hardware-level security vulnerabilities like Spectre and Meltdown, RHEL 9 helps user-space processes create memory areas inaccessible to malicious code.

It also detects rogue infrastructure modifications by utilizing integrity measurement architecture (IMA), digital hashes, and signatures, along with ensuring customer security requirements such as PCI-DSS and HIPAA.

Click below for a presentation on how edge computing enhances organizational digital-transformation and opens up new opportunities.

Making more of OpenShift

Lenovo is working on utilizing the increased potential of Red Hat’s OpenShift, which has also recently been thoroughly enhanced.

OpenShift Platform Plus delivers more consistent capabilities from edge to core to cloud. Added to this, OpenShift 4.10 enables a repeatable, automated set up of edge systems via zero-touch provisioning (ZTP).

This includes factory workflows empowering Original Equipment Manufacturers to preload relocatable OpenShift clusters, ensuring faster provisioning of radio access networks (RANs).

Furthermore, Red Hat Advanced Cluster Management simplifies cluster supervision, such as remote worker nodes and three-node compact clusters. Just one hub can deploy and manage 2,000 single-node OpenShift clusters.

Use the link here to access a demonstration of the many ways Red Hat opensource solutions optimize SAP flexibility and capabilities.

An enhanced RHEL for SAP

Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP Solutions ensures stability for critical business environments by enabling you to run, simplify, and extend your SAP capabilities.

An opensource solution for modern SAP workloads, RHEL for SAP combines an intelligent operating system and predictive management tools to deliver a single, consistent, highly available foundation for both SAP and non-SAP workloads.

By extending SAP into a true hybrid cloud, you can boost application development and enhance AI, ML, and predictive analytic capabilities. Added to this, live kernel patching, high-availability clustering, and in-place upgrades guarantee your deployments result in minimal disruption and near-zero downtime.

What’s more, SAP HANA® and SAP S/4HANA® delivers a more secure and intelligent automated infrastructure, empowering your preparation for future innovation.

SAP HANA users will now also find that RHEL is SELinux enabled, allowing servers to automatically isolate processes and, in turn, ensure superior escalation-attack protection.

Download the presentation on building enterprise-ready solutions via extended SAP environments.

Leveraging Red Hat innovation via Lenovo’s extensive portfolio
Red Hat’s leading technologies are included in Lenovo’s broad portfolio of innovative products.

What’s more, we provide these ground-breaking technologies – along with a wide range of other operating systems available in our portfolio – at a remarkably competitive price, as well as delivering 24/7 support on all standard versions.

Available Soon

Lenovo’s portfolio is expanding to include the very latest Red Hat OpenShift technologies

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